About the project

Galop is pleased to be leading a collaboration of seven voluntary organisations from across the women's and LGBT sector to develop this online resource to help women and LGBT people who have experienced online abuse. 


As a society our interactions are increasingly moving from the real world to the online world. It goes without question that in the real offline world there is an expectation that the most vulnerable in society are protected through access to support and education.  This project is about ensuring the same protection is there for women and LGBT people online. 


As the lead organisation in the UK for LGBT victims, Galop recognises increasing use of social media to communicate, and is committed to ensuring that the service and support we offer evolves to reflect the needs of our service users.  It has been invaluable developing this resource with our partners who are also firmly committed to developing effective and accessible online resources to victims of online abuse.


Work began at the beginning of 2015 to develop a resource that is empowering, gives practical advice, gives information on how to access emotional support, and where to go for more information.  


Over the coming months we will be working to engage partners and the community in developing this resource, so please watch this space for upcoming opportunities.  In the meantime your feedback is always welcome.


I’d like to thank the Galop team, partners and stakeholders for their key contributions, and to the Government Equalities Office for funding this project.


Nik Noone




March 2015